Fiano Minutolo 60%
Falanghina 30%
Greco 10%


2015 was a very nice harvest in Puglia. We love Fiano Minutolo with its pure ripe peach aromas. Falanghina is a beautiful match adding citrusblossoms, muscles and minerality, and Greco is awonderful grape that brings structure to the blend.

A Mano Bianco combines crisp and cleanflavors with concentration and length. The aromas of ripe pears, orange blossoms, whitepeaches and a whiff of jasmine are seductiveand rewarding. I love the balance between depthand energy.Ripe grapes were pressed and fermented clean andcold for a very long time (10 weeks). We also driedsome of the Fiano until the end of October andblended this super juice into the wine at the veryend of fermentation.

This is the most unusual white wine that youwill try from Puglia, maybe even all of Italy. It is a fresh, delightful aperitivo. A perfect match forseafood, chicken and salads, we adore it in spring with asparagus and in the summer with a freshpasta like spinach ravioli. Yes, it is delicious fordrinking on its own, but when you have aslightly richer dish it really shines.