This is the strangest question Elvi has asked me in our 15 years together. Only after a while I understood what she meant.

There is no doubt that the wines that I make bear my signature. Winemaking is such a deep passion for me that I dedicate myself to it with all my soul.

So how could we make a wine that truly reflected my personality? 2012 gave me the opportunity to do it: a big, bold wine ready to give you a warm strong hug and a smile: IMPRINT.

IMPRINT is red, made from dried Primitivo grapes.
It is certainly young, and yet already velvety and supple, with a soft long finish that envelopes the high alcohol (14,8%).

I made IMPRINT with the desire to reproduce the style of an Amarone, one of the Italian wines that we most love, elegant and powerful at the same time.

I am most proud of this wine and now that I have become a grandfather, I know that IMPRINT will still be gorgeous when my beautiful grandson turns 21.
To Gabriel.

Enjoy it with us