Negroamaro 100%


The last vintage of A Mano Negroamaro sold out very quickly and our clients asked for more. In 2015 we wanted to make a really expressive and concentrated Negroamaro. With the help of a very dedicated grape grower we made a real powerhouse! Delightful in its youth with all the exuberant fruit flavors, A.Mano Negroamaro will also age for a very long time and develop the complexities of mature Burgundy.

The intense aromas of crushed berries –juicy and sweet, then black cherries and spices jump out. Look again and you find a floral note, like the heart of an apricot colored rose. Floral notes are common in white wines, but rare in reds; A Mano Negroamaro is one of the few reds that have it, and it is seductive.

Keep a few bottles in the fridge for those hot summer days and enjoy a chilled glass while firing up the coals. This wine will shine with spicy sausages, fresh pasta with homemade meatballs, or barbequed chicken.