A MANO PRIMITIVO 2015 (our 18th vintage)


2015 was a challenge, but we have such special growers that they pulled off a miracle: they had the patience to wait until they could deliver excellent ripe grapes.

What is so special about Primitivo? Well, it is genetically identical to California’s Zinfandel, BUT it is Italian, and like most of the Italians that I have met, it is warm, generous and friendly.

A Mano Primitivo is Italian in its heart: elegant, fruity, fresh, complex, interesting and DRINKABLE.

And when I make A Mano Primitivo I feel almost Italian: I make wine like Elvi cooks, with great care for the gorgeous ingredients and lots of respect for tradition and heritage.

Around mid-September, when the ripe grapes arrived we crushed and refrigerated them, then allowed to ferment with their own wild yeasts. The very cold fermentation (16 °C) proceeds for several weeks. The wines then rest underground before bottling.

Open a bottle and share it with friends over a plate of pasta: penne all’arrabbiata or spaghetti alla carbonara, but remember: whatever you can grill, roast or stew we guarantee it will go well with A Mano Primitivo!

As an Italian chef wrote “Primitivo goes so well with food because the peppery notes actually the season the morsel in your mouth”. Enjoy.