IMPRINT of Mark Shannon


Susumaniello is a rare, ancient red Puglian grape, grown in the Salento Peninsula and until a few years ago was used mostly as a blending component.

Its name comes from the local dialect and it means “Little Donkey”. Old timers, the keepers of wisdom, told us that the name comes from the enormous load the vines bear when young, so heavy that they could only be carried by a donkey, but others say that it is so called because it is difficult to manage, almost stubborn.

“Finally we have a grape with the same personality as the winemaker” Elvi told me… (I hope she meant hard working and reliable, but she may have actually meant stubborn). I could not resist the challenge of working with this precious and unique variety.

In the glass the wine has deep, inky, purple-black color. It offers extraordinary aromas of blueberries, violets, spring flowers, creme de cassis and Mediterranean herbs in a full-bodied, voluptuous and massively textured package.

While a big wine, it carries itself beautifully and has fantastic freshness, fine tannin and a seamless finish that keeps you coming back to the glass. It is noted for its deep color and enormous tannins; when treated gently the tannins balance an intense red fruit flavor. This is a wine where the earth, people and the terroir shine.

Pure Puglia, Pure Mark, Pure Susumaniello. Enjoy!