Elvi may be a little prejudiced, but we are totally honest with eachother!

If you have read the harvest report you already know that the colors and flavors of 2011 are AMAZING!

Rosato is unlike any other wine that we make.

Usually, when I try the grapes, they tell me what kind of wine they want to be. With Rosato, I drive the project: I have flavors and colors in my mind and look for the vineyards that fit that profile. The inspiration came from the ancient tradition of field blending Primitivo with Aleatico.

Can you imagine? The floral perfume of Aleatico combined with the freshness and fruitiness of Primitivo as it just starts to mature.


When I showed the bottle ready Rosato to Elvi she said it is the color of wild cyclamen, which come up late September, after the first rain here in Puglia.

Pour a glass of this new vintage: there is a vibrant pink that caresses the eyes and a floral nose that delights the palate.

Last year we blended Primitivo and Aleatico in equal proportions and A Mano Rosato was sold out within months.

This year the color of Primitivo was so inviting and the Aleatico has such an intense perfume that we felt the perfect balance was to blend 75% Primitivo and 25% Aleatico.

The result is a gorgeous wine with aromas of homeysuckle and carnation, flavors of ripe cherries and strawberries. We are sure that you will enjoy this wine with the body and muscles of a red wine and the delicacy and perfume of a white wine.

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