Smartphones at the dinner table

By September 28, 2015 News No Comments

1352026014305584680Have you noticed that when you sit down at a table where there are too many smartphones there is not much of a conversation?

A smartphone is now an essential part of our lives, reminding us of our appointments, fixing events in memory and answering our questions. But isn’t it sad when it becomes our dinner companion?

And if it’s true that breakfast, lunch and dinner are moments where we share not just our food but also our thoughts and opinions, these days we are too often absorbed by the bluish light of a screen. We are so wrapped up in it that we don’t even hear what’s going on around us..

So, here at A Mano, we’ve thought of a solution: a “smartphone black out’ day! Let’s turn off our phone at the table and rediscover the simple pleasure of saying “could you pass me the wine, darling?”

Share the pleasure in real life, not just virtually.


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